10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Dec 2)

Kevin Nash was surprised the Oz character actually got over in Japan...

Kevin Nash

On the debut episode of 205 Live, Brian Kendrick dropped the WWE Cruiserweight Title to Rich Swann. When the veteran had won the belt himself on October 30 at Hell In A Cell, many were surprised that management had pulled the rug from underneath T.J Perkins so quickly. After all, Perkins had only won the Cruiserweight Classic tournament (and thus the title) on September 14.

Kendrick's win was a show of faith from WWE's creative team. Incredibly, the man himself didn't even know of any plans to make him champion. That's not all, he also didn't see much hope for his planned WWE comeback full stop. Find out what went on inside Kendrick's head in this week's article, one bringing together all sorts of wrestling facts and stories we didn't know last week.

Joining the now-former WWE Cruiserweight Champ are names such as Kevin Nash, Daniel Bryan, Ryback and even Christian. There's also a story revealing The Sandman's thoughts about ECW's controversial crucifixion angle in 1996.

Let's look at the facts...

10. Ryback Still Has A Free WWE Network Subscription

Kevin Nash

A former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback was somebody company management clearly had designs on making a main event star several years ago. In early-August of this year, 'The Big Guy' was released from contract and has since gone on to legally change his name from Ryan to Ryback.

Launching his own podcast post-departure, Ryback has also had some interesting things to say about guys like Vince McMahon and WWE as a whole. On the latest edition of his podcast, he revealed that he still has a WWE Network subscription. Incredibly, Ryback isn't paying for the privilege of having WWE's vast volume of content at his fingertips.

It's customary for WWE talent to receive free logins to the streaming service when under contract. Ryback has been out of the loop for close to 4 months now, making it all the more interesting that WWE haven't deleted his freebie account for the Network.

During a rant on his podcast, Ryback said that he was begging WWE to cancel the account because he doesn't really use it anyway.


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