10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Dec 21)

Find out the ridiculous reason why John Cena received hate mail in 2018...


Asuka's SmackDown Women's Title win at TLC capped off quite the year for WWE's Japanese starlet. After winning January's Royal Rumble then suffering through a post-WrestleMania struggle that ran from April-December, she deserved another reason to smile. Backstage in San Jose last Sunday, someone else was smiling too.

Find out who in this week's article, then brace yourself for a whole load of other wrestling-related facts.

Alongside Asuka's story of redemption, there are also facts on Mustafa Ali (who struggled to come to terms with his WWE positioning), Kane (who blames himself for something he totally shouldn't), Raven (who had nuclear heat backstage) and Brian Pillman Jr (who has quite the childhood memory to recall).

That's not all. Here, you'll learn which legendary rock n' roll star Jerry Lawler really wanted to wrestle in the 1970s, why John Cena has been receiving some hate mail despite barely being on WWE TV, and what juicy info Vince McMahon once told Bubba-Ray Dudley about the perils of too much star power.

According to the boss, it pays to keep people in their place every now and then...


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