10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Feb 15)

10. One Of Vince McMahon's Pet Peeves

Word to the wise: if you ever make it to WWE stardom, don't thank Vinnie Mac for the opportunity. According to Mark Henry on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, the boss hates that, and he doesn't understand why talent think it's necessary. Well, you learn something new every day.

Up until now, we imagined that'd be the law.

Not so. To Vince, it stinks of cowardice. McMahon believes that talent should believe in themselves and think they belong in the company instead. Henry follows that line of thinking, and he also reckons young talent need to stop gushing over the opportunity. His very words were, "Sh*t, be a man".

Vince despises suck ups, it seems, and he wants workers to recognise that he respects them when he hires them in the first place.

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