10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (July 12)

Learn why Becky Lynch can't stand to rewatch her own matches.

becky lynch

This Euro-Continental Hardcore TV Light-Heavyweight Inter-United States Global Championship business has been good for R-Truth. The belt, however silly, has given him a new lease of life, and it's also helping those on the WWE periphery grab some much-needed screen time. Guys like Drake Maverick are benefitting every bit as much as Truth.

Things weren't always so rosy for the funny man.

This week's article has a tear-jerking story about the time Truth was released from contract in 2002. The man's prospects didn't look great when WWE sent him packing, and it very nearly tipped this rapper over the edge. That's just one of the facts included. Others look at Sabu's generosity (bet you weren't expecting that), Jon Moxley's true feelings, Kofi Kingston's Royal Rumble escapes, an AEW ref's surprising job before getting into wrestling and more.

Plus, find out who almost played Katie Vick's on screen brother during the Kane vs. Triple H feud, learn why Kevin Owens' first Universal Title reign made him miserable and hear why Becky Lynch struggles to watch tape of her performances. No, it's not 'cause she's a dope...


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