10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (June 14)

Find out why "You Can't See Me" was a blessing in disguise for John Cena...

Triple H Randy Orton Super ShowDown

Super ShowDown's Randy Orton vs. Triple H match wasn't nearly as bad as some made out online, and it deserves more respect despite landing on an unwanted international special.

There it is. If you made it through that first sentence without immediately wanting to punch this writer in the face, congratulations. Seriously though, this Evolution retread was inarguably long-winded, but it didn't outright suck. In fact, this guy is of the opinion that none of Trips' matches in the last decade have. That's not a popular thing to say these days though.

He's "old", he's "the boss", he's "part time". Yes, although Triple H is or is getting to be all of these things, he's still capable of producing a spirited performance. This week's article has proof of that, and it'll either surprise you for the right reasons or make you Pedigree as well as punch yours truly for his prior, positive comments.

Other facts on tap include a little Pride, and one WWE star's hopes for the future. Elsewhere, find out what creative told Too Cool when they formed, learn which stable nobody had any faith in and erm...hear all about John Cena's hard times.



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