10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (March 29)

10. Kyle O'Reilly Practiced Sharpshooters On Empty Jeans

We learned a few things from Kyle O'Reilly's appearance on Edge and Christian's podcast. Firstly, he attended In Your House: Rock Bottom, and it was there at the pay-per-view that the young Canadian decided he defo wanted to be a pro wrestler. Secondly, he loves taking an "entertaining ass beating" as a heel.

Thirdly, he used to practice administering the Sharpshooter on empty trousers.

Edge in particular got a kick out of this one. O'Reilly, as a teenager, would often lay down a pair of jeans and mimic his hero Bret Hart by locking in his famous submission. Firing back with their own story, the hosts revealed that they'd "Steinerline" the crap out of innocent pillows then argue over the timing of their double team moves.


This is brilliant, but it's the image of Undisputed Era member O'Reilly torturing trousers that wins the funny mental image award on this occasion. According to him, it made things easier when he finally started using the move for real.


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