10 Wrestling Gimmicks Based On LIES!

10. Mr Perfect


The magic of Mr Perfect was that Curt Hennig came as close to that unreachable benchmark as just about anybody to lace boots for Vince McMahon in the 1980s.

Wrestling apocrypha has it that the gimmick was to go to either Hennig or eventual 'Red Rooster' Terry Taylor. Whilst it's hard to theorise how Taylor may have managed with the magnificent moniker in the alternate timeline, it's likely that the effervescent Hennig could have gotten that stupid chicken strut over as well as his own perfect persona.

WWE cannily weaved reality into fiction when introducing him to the masses - the multi-talented star's sporting skills were highlighted before he'd ever made his name or secured an on-screen undefeated streak, but the vignettes weren't everything they appeared.

In a charming set of bloopers unveiled on his 2008 'Life & Times Of Mr Perfect' DVD, the company revealed the multiple takes it took to get the perfect games at the bowling alley, the billiards clearances and the picturesque Genius-popping dives.

Perfect was as perfect as he needed to be between the ropes, and that was always enough. But nobody - not even the ebullient Hennig - had everything.


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