10 Wrestling Matches That Haven't Aged Well

Time has not been too kind to these wrestling matches...

Shawn Michaels Bret Hart

While the professional wrestling landscape of modern times is far from perfect even on its best day, the fact fans now hold the ability to easily jump back and consume just about any and all wrasslin' content to have ever graced a squared-circle undoubtedly sits as one of the more universally cherished elements of this often barmy period in the business.

However, its through this stepping back in time that bouts and epic blow-offs from yesteryear have an unfortunate habit of not quite living up to the nostalgic memories you once had of a mouth-watering monster mash or game-changing title match.

Away from taking the shine off of contests that felt unmissable in the moment, bouts that were once seen as seemingly harmless ways to generate heat or long-awaited trips to the top of the mountain have all become rather difficult to take in due to the events and developments that would proceed them over the years.

From emotional Show of Shows finales that became increasingly painful to revisit, to highly-anticipated throwdowns that haven't stood the test of time, these matches were awesome or innocuous in the moment, but in 2022... not so much.

10. John Cena Vs. CM Punk (Money In The Bank 2011)

Shawn Michaels Bret Hart

As this list with further illustrate before it reaches its conclusion, crowds have a funny ol' habit of being able to make or break just about any contest going down inside of wrasslin' ring.

And while the actual in-ring action seen going down on that fateful night in Chicago back at Money in the Back 2011 was far from terrible, the fact John Cena and CM Punk's WWE Championship skirmish sits as the only Meltzer-rated five-star WWE main roster match of the last decade or so tells a story of a bout far better in the moment than it is through a 2022 lens.

Sure, the nuclear noise heard within the Allstate Arena is one the duo would struggle to conjure up again in later efforts. But their epic clash on the road to WrestleMania 29 outclasses this pantomime PPV punch-up, and The Best in the World's recent All Elite exploits have cast a staggering shadow over the last few years of his WWE run in general.

As a moment in time and catalyst for momentary change, this contest still deserves all the love frequently sent its way. But when held up against more recent standards and the rivals' other battles, its five-star status feels increasingly questionable.


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