10 Wrestling Moments That Aren't What They Seem

There's a disgusting reason The Great One wasn't a fan of Kurt Angle's milk...

Triple H Dean Ambrose

At this current moment, fans of this insane business known as pro wrasslin' are about as clued in on the ins and outs of the industry as ever, with most highly invested supporters spotting a "work" a mile away and being pretty aware of when a contest or segment hasn't gone entirely to plan from the get-go.

However, that doesn't mean that the folks at home are always completely up to speed with the truth behind everything they've seen going down inside and outside of the squared-circle.

In fact, on some occasions, the legitimately shocking reality behind some of wrestling's most iconic beats, unexpected change-ups, and infamous occurrences have been kept totally out of the public eye, only to be eventually revealed much later down the road via good ol' fashion "shoot" interview.

So, buckle up, folks. Because the following ten wrestling moments and events actually came equipped with far more juicy details and/or astonishing revelations than you ever likely expected.

From the actual truth behind some of the most surreal beats in recent WWE history, to tiny tidbits that will change the way you look at legendary sequences forever, just when you thought you had all the wrestling answers, these entries proved that there was actually much more going on than you ever really knew...

10. Ric Flair Wasn't Supposed To Take The Mic

Triple H Dean Ambrose

At a glance, seeing The Nature Boy share the ring with fellow one-time Evolution member and protégé Randy Orton, before being verbally and physically battered by The Apex Predator during a Performance Center edition of Raw back in August 2020, was a segment that appeared to go completely to savage plan.

However, as eventually noted by The Viper himself not long after blasting Ric Flair in the b***cks on the red show, this veteran actually had other unexpected ideas for the promo segment on the night.

Speaking to the media in the lead-up to that year's SummerSlam, Orton would admit that the plan was never for Flair to take hold of the mic and cut his own moving promo (via Wrestling Inc):

"You were supposed to see our facial expressions and get an idea that he was bringing me back in and eventually we had the hug and I turned on him but when he grabbed the mic I was thinking, 'Ah, come on Ric you're not supposed to grab the mic', but then he went on to cut that promo and it was very touching."

It may not have been supposed to go down. But both WWE and Orton happily ran with Flair's detour, and it's hard to argue against said passionate speech adding a bit more weight to the eventual emphatic shot to the nads.


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