10 Wrestling Moments Too Real For Wrestlers

These wrestling moments all led to some very real and sometimes explosive reactions from wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar

For an industry that is pretty much entirely built on the premise of everything going down between the ropes being a pre-determined work, professional wrestling doesn't half have a habit of getting a little too legit from time to time.

Now with this being an occupation that requires its workers to get consistently physical with one another, you could argue that it's only natural for these folks to get a bit carried away on occasion and veer into the realm of reality for a touch too long. But there's accidentally catching your colleague with an overly stiff right hook, and there's being so brassed off at the way a contest worked out that you launch a big red belt at the man paying your wage.

The following list will look to shine a light on the latter level of wrasslin' getting a bit too much for the guys and gals putting it all on the line for our entertainment.

As you're about to see, unexpected crowd responses, egos colliding, and everything in-between have all been responsible for making wrestlers lose their cool or feel as though this supposedly "fake" sport has become a touch too real for their liking.

10. Becky Lynch Gives Charlotte Flair A Piece Of Her Mind - SmackDown,   2021

Brock Lesnar

It's probably best to get the most recent and heavily publicised real-life incident to rear its ugly head in Vinnie Mac's company out of the way early.

Not too long removed from getting a little heavy handed in her contest with Nia Jax on the August 30 edition of Raw, The Queen found herself in the thick of another very much shoot on-screen moment opposite a recently returned Becky Lynch. The two former pals were scripted to ridiculously exchange titles on October 22's SmackDown, but Flair was evidently having none of it and threw her red belt away from Lynch before the latter launched her blue strap at her counterpart.

While that aforementioned Jax shoot exchange was said to have stayed in the ring, Lynch was understandably so p*ssed by the on-air embarrassment that she unleashed hell on the now-SmackDown star as soon as they got in the back. The two were separated and Flair was soon escorted off the premises, with the genuine animosity between the pair eventually being used to build towards an admittedly excellent Survivor Series 2021 battle of the brassed off badasses.

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