10 Wrestling Moves WWE Banned For Being Too Dangerous

These ten moves that redefine the meaning of the phrase 'don't try this at home.'

WWE.comWWE.comProfessional wrestling can easily be summed up as the world's most violent soap opera. The guys in the ring spend years learning and perfecting their craft, honing their skills between the ropes to ensure the complete safety of their opponent and the total enjoyment of the audience. A great example of a crowd pleasing manoeuvre, Randy Orton's finisher the RKO (pictured above) is a high impact, visually pleasing move that carries little to no risk for both Randy and his opponent. But some moves aren't always as safe. There are techniques in wrestling that the WWE generally do not allow, as they are deemed far too dangerous for even the highly trained professionals to do. Take a look outside the WWE however and you'll find plenty of what could only be described as clinically insane daredevils willing to attempt these feats for a shot at wrestling glory. Grab a hold of your seats and get ready to wince repeatedly as we count down ten moves that no sane individual would even consider attempting.
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