10 Wrestling Music Albums You Need To Hear

Forget Chris Jericho's Fozzy. We've got tunes from Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, and countless others.

Wwf The Wrestling Album Professional wrestling has always featured its share of multi-talented performers. Some sports entertainers have gone on to successful movie careers. Others have ventured into the world of stand-up comedy. A handful have even started podcasting careers. A select few have achieved moderate success and popularity in the music world€ well, just Chris Jericho, really. Jericho is the frontman for the rock band Fozzy, and when he€™s taking a break from WWE competition, he can often be found touring the world with his band. However, just because Jericho has been able to garner sales and fans with Fozzy, doesn€™t mean that every wrestler should go and record an album. This forthcoming list will attest to that assertion. While not everything on here is bad, most of it is. However, even the bad stuff deserves a listen for historical and comedic purposes. Everyone has heard the entrance themes of their favorite WWE stars and has probably purchased at least one theme music compilation. But now, prepare to listen to some original material from the least expected and qualified sources possible. Did we mention Sgt. Slaughter is on the list? So, get ready to add some new MP3s to your collection, and join us as we give a listen to some wrestler-created music you probably never knew existed.
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