10 Wrestling Mysteries That Were Supposed To End Differently

It was Christopher Daniels, Austin! It was Christopher Daniels all along!

Christopher Daniels Higher Power Wwe

Pro wrestling is like no other TV on Earth for numerous reasons, one of which being the lack of an off season. Your favourite drama is likely filmed all in one block and then on air for a few weeks of the year. WWE and its ilk are every week of every year, and sometimes it shows.

In order to keep things exciting, we as an audience need a good story, and there's something undeniable about a mystery. It keeps us coming back week-to-week to look for clues, and in the modern era it's free marketing when your fans light up social media with theories and speculation. Unfortunately, in wrestling more than perhaps anything else, plans change and the original answer to that riddle gets cast aside.

Sometimes the likes of injuries or personal lives get in the way of completing that full arc of a story that's been worked on for weeks and, sometimes, if you're the WWE your chairman just gets bored of the original plan. Worst of all is when writers have a great idea and put it into motion, hoping they'll figure out where it leads when they get there.

This list shines the light on options considered for some of wrestling's greatest mysteries that didn't quite pan out.

10. RIP Vince McMahon

Christopher Daniels Higher Power Wwe

The June 11th 2007 edition of Monday Night Raw concluded with a rather vacant-faced Vince leaving the arena as the WWE roster lined the corridors to the exit. It was a strange, slow segment that ended in quite literally a bang as Vince’s limo exploded with him inside of it.

What transpired on TV was that Vince had faked his own death to see how his family would react. The original plan to hold a “memorial show” was torn up as, less than two weeks later, the tragic Chris Benoit incident occurred and suddenly it seemed like a terrible idea.

For better or worse, Vince’s immediate family - wife Linda and children Shane and Stephanie - have all played roles on WWE TV. However, this storyline was going to finally introduce us to another of the McMahon clan: Roderick.

Roderick, Vince’s legitimate older brother, was due to make his WWE debut following the demise of the chairman to fulfil his brother’s duties and become the on-screen anti-Vince. Instead of being the evil boss incarnate, Rod was going to be a soft and kind-hearted soul.

Difficult to imagine how this one would've played out; not because it includes a member of the McMahon we never saw on TV, but because the idea of Vince pretending to be dead for potentially months boggles the mind.


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