10 Wrestling Promos WWE Regret

10. Triple H Tells The World That The Roster Sucks Sh*t

"Who else are you gonna wrestle at 'Mania, Dead Man?

CM Punk is a skinny fat ass who doesn't know how to work. Sheamus did nothing with the rub I gave him last year. Drew McIntyre needs a few years in WCP-NXT to realise his potential. And I'm pretty sure that Tyler Reks guy got lost on his way to TNA. Face it, 'Taker: I'm the best we have, and you should have worked it out by now. You see, I've spent the last nine years saying this over and over again, for 20 minutes at a time!"

That's not what Triple H said, exactly, on the February 28, 2011 RAW, but that was sure as sh*t the subtext.

Triple H in formalising his challenge of the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak literally said that there were no "challenges left" worthy of the occasion, explicitly referencing the rank-and-file "in the back" to support his point. This was nonsensical in kayfabe - Triple H had already lost to 'Taker at 'Mania a decade prior - and counterproductive in reality.

Triple H swung his king d*ck like a guillotine - in what your writer isn't so sure wasn't the first big play for John Laurinaitis' job - inviting the entire audience to perceive the full-time roster as hapless nonentities.

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