10 Wrestling Props You Totally Don't Remember

The Undertaker once used something else to dispose of his victims...

Undertaker Soil

Wrestling props are a silly but long since accepted part of the industry. They're the sort of thing non-fans see and think "Why does he have an urn?" and in response, wrestling fans say "Where else is he meant to keep his life force? Keep up, Jesus Christ".

Darby Allin's skateboard is one of the better modern props; it sets his entrance apart, instantly conveys his character, and doubles as a creative weapon that Allin can use while performing a "sick" ollie or whatever the f*ck they're called. Less facetiously, it's the sort of creative work with which Allin has become as popular as virtually any ex-WWE star.

Kenny Omega's broom began life as a rib; he was asked to play a mafioso-style cleaner, but he adapted it to a far more literal degree and swept the entrance ramp with it to get his Bullet Club-friendly brat character over.

The Young Bucks' cooling spray is fantastic because they had the idea to have Brandon Cutler inadvertently spray it in his own eyes the whole time, but waited until his priceless "goon" character got over enough for it to mean something first.

Others were...less memorable...

10. Lanny Poffo's Frisbees

Undertaker Soil

WWE is and always was a content company that functions to market its sport entertainers, and in order to maximise merchandise opportunities, several independent contractors were handed t-shirts or toy props with the idea that the kids would pester the parents into buying them at intermission.

"Yes, Timmy, if you promise not to be a little tw*t on the drive home, I'll give in and buy you foam Legion of Doom shoulder pads/Bret Hart's sunglasses/a DX t-shirt that doubles as a request for fellatio".

On the subject of fellatio, a man able to administer it to himself - on account of having an elephant leg of a cack - had a rather unique idea to supplement his income. Early in his WWF career, 'Leaping' Lanny Poffo walked to the ring with a frisbee on which a self-penned poem mocking his heel opponent was printed. He'd read it, toss it into the crowd, and hope the disappointed kid who didn't catch it would beg their guardian for a replica. It's not certain any were made, which probably explains how it made this list.

Seems pointlessly expensive; if Poffo wanted to throw something that would reach the last rows, he could have simply used the lasso that is his c*ck.


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