10 Wrestling Rivalries Too Personal To Be Fake

No kayfabe here...

Pro wrestling is a strange sport. It consists of grown men pretending to fight in their underpants after all. It may seem wacky for someone who doesn’t know much about the business but it’s actually a lot more serious behind the curtain. The on screen feuds these wrestlers take part in are planned out months in advance sometimes. Usually it all goes off without a hitch and the wrestlers don’t really hate each other.

However, on occasion feuds become so personal that they continue behind the scenes. Usually this will just result in wrestlers getting into little scuffles over one thing or another. It’s only natural for things like this to happen given the characters and egos that exist in the world of pro wrestling.

Sometimes it can go a bit further than a scuffle and result in rivalries and hatred that last beyond one night. This hated can stem from complex things like love affairs to huge fights that broke out over a simple disagreement. Frankly, it can all get a bit too personal for a sport many call "fake".


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