10 Wrestling Road Stories You Won't Believe

Crazy events that happened outside of the ring!

Andre The Giant Car

Professional wrestling is a crazy, crazy life. The average pro wrestler spends countless hours crisscrossing the highways and skyways of America, travelling endlessly from one place to another, with seemingly no end in sight. It's no surprise, then, that pretty much any wrestler can collect a lifetime€™s worth of (often bizarre) stories after just a few short years on the road...

Away from the glory of the ring, a wrestler'€™s life can easily become a blurred cornucopia of bars, gyms and shoebox-sized hotel rooms, repeated ad nauseum. As a result of this crushing boredom (and to avoid, to quote Tommy Dreamer €œcrying looking at the pictures in your wallet€), wrestlers mostly amuse themselves by partying, playing pranks on each other and telling (usually highly embellished) €˜road stories€™ about other wrestlers.

These stories are generally very well travelled €“ and, indeed, some may never have actually happened -€“ but they are certainly entertaining. Head on over to YouTube and you€™ll find them being endlessly re-told by multiple wrestlers in multiple ways. Nevertheless, such storytelling is an important part of the camaraderie and general male bonding (haven€™'t you even seen Wild Hogs?) inherent to pro wrestling.

In this article, we'€™ll re-tell just a few of these crazy road stories (as well as a couple of other tales). These are no means the craziest road stories ever told, just a selection that we think you€™ll enjoy...


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