10 Wrestling Rules You Had No Idea Existed

9. No Closed Fists

Can't Do This

It'll become more and more apparent over the course of this list that, while there are specific rules that wrestlers must follow when performing in a squared-circle, not everyone gets the memo and some can simply get away with not paying attention altogether.

That takes us nicely into the laws behind what exactly a wrestler is allowed to throw at their colleague when trading strikes in-between the ropes.

The art of absolutely nailing a punch in a pro-wrestling environment is one of the most under-appreciated known to the form, with it taking an immense amount of timing and selling to convince audiences a right hook has actually connected. In order to protect the person on the receiving end of this worked punch and not have audiences wonder why a wrestler hasn't been knocked out instantly, it's largely understood that there are to be "no closed fists" when firing off a straight, hook, uppercut, or any other hand.

However, as time has gone by, it appears this particular rule has relaxed somewhat, with Roman Reigns frequently firing off his closed-fist Superman Punch and Brock Lesnar even taking things up a notch by walloping Braun Strowman with a legit shot a few years back.

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