10 Wrestling Stables Ruined By ONE Member

There's always one stablemate who spoils everyone else's fun.

Nation Of Domination Ahmed Johnson

Wrestling stables are great.

No, really, they are. Factions are a tried-and-tested way of establishing new talent or prolonging the careers of legends, and there's just been this bad ass vibe to the idea that groups of wrestlers run roughshod like some sort of ball-booting gang since the days of The Four Horsemen, D-Generation X and the nWo. Guess what? All three of those iconic groups are featured on this here list.

Shocked? Don't be. You may well be remembering their glory days through a favourable, nostalgically fuzzy lens - the truth is that even the best had their wobbly moments. Or, more accurately, their wobbly members (ooer!) that temporarily stopped the fun and made each stable seem...less excellent than fans wanted them to be.

Other examples range between more modern disasters that were waiting to happen and forgotten relics from the past that really should've been better. It's just a pity that one specific stablemate had to go and ruin things for everybody else by either outright sucking or never being a good fit for the gimmick from the off.

There's always one, isn't there?

10. The Riott Squad (Sarah Logan)

Nation Of Domination Ahmed Johnson

Behold Liv Morgan staring at Sarah Logan like she's from outer space.

The Riott Squad were always a bit crap, being honest, but they're somehow less crap now that Ruby Riott and Liv are a gruesome twosome. Logan never really felt like she belonged - her hunt-loving 'she wolf' character was at odds with the other pair's punky rebel style.

It certainly didn't help that WWE tried to book the trio like the worst high school bullies of all the times. They were more likely to spill paint all over the backstage area than credibly challenge babyfaces or look like any kind of threat at all to the top female champs.

Poor Sarah was like the class bully that Ruby and Liv only kept around so they wouldn't be bullied themselves. It didn't work, and their odd dynamic meant the Riotts began sinking within a matter of months. Then, they lingered around like a bad smell pre-split and Logan leaving the company.

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