10 Wrestling Trophies You Need To Know About

Belts are fun but nothing says champion quite like a trophy.

In professional wrestling, championship belts are the benchmark for success. Those who wear fifteen pounds of gold and leather around their waist are either considered the best in the world, or at worst, the top two out of three. Trophies in wrestling also award athletic achievement and recognize merit of a particular accomplishment such as winning a battle royal or tournament. Declaring an honor such as €œbest wrestling match€ or €œcoolest finishing maneuver€ also earn with the winning nominee a trophy. Last April at WrestleMania 30, Cesaro won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal and was awarded a monstrous trophy in the likeness of the 7€™4 Hall of Famer. Even though Cesaro€™s position on the roster is currently on the lower end of the mid-card, his big win at the showcase of the immortals indicated such promise. Title belts are cool but trophies signify a triumph that resonates with everyone. From playing sports as a child to watching your favorite team win their league€™s championship, the feeling of victory either by experience or by proxy is evident when someone hoists up that trophy. Of course, this is the zany world of wrestling we are talking about, where things are produced in grand fashion. This industry has had some unique trophy designs over the years which has sparked some of the all-time great feuds. Here are 10 Wrestling Trophies You Need To Know About...
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