10 WWE Betrayals That Were Totally Justified

When the bad guys were right all along.


Wrestling heels are supposed to represent the absolute worst of humanity, aren't they? They're meant to be cowards, cut-throats, dirtbags and evil, no-good pieces of sh*t who need a right good kicking. Having a reason to despise their motives can be fun, but what about those who, y'know, actually made a valid point about those wretched do-gooder babyfaces or the fans themselves?

It's been said before that the best heels are those who firmly believe they're in the right, and there's evidence to back up the idea that the ones on this list sometimes actually were.

As crazy as it may read, there was some justification to their actions. Those heroes they attacked, bullied, teased or challenged to grudge matches? Well, let's just say they weren't always the holier-than-thou white knights of the piece. Some heels were even honest about what they'd do next. It's not their fault that fell on deaf ears from faces and fans alike.

Join us as we condone the (often wicked) behaviour of those who turned rogue, and examine exactly why their change in attitude was understandable...

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