10 WWE Careers That Were Transformed In One Year

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Television wrestling's primary function is to make fans forget that things are more about the journey than the destination.

Title wins, twists and turns are the moments companies need to sell viewers on fundamentally, but more time will be spent getting to the moments than luxuriating in them. What you're watching right now matters most, but don't forget to tune in next week when what you're watching then matters most! And buy the pay-per-view on Saturday or subscribe to the Network on Sunday, because what happens on those shows matters even more!

Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston raised belts above their heads at WrestleMania 35, mindful of the history they were making, but much would have been lost had they been transplanted into the scene without the context WWE just about managed to provide.

Too much television time to fill saw both those roads to WrestleMania filled with potholes that were ultimately avoided, but it's trajectories like these that make it difficult for wrestlers in WWE to have the consistency over one year that once moulded and shaped careers for decades after the fact.

More's the pity too - when the company looks after somebody long enough, they make money, and they make actual stars...

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