10 WWE Character Traits That Humiliated Wrestlers

Vince McMahon must get a kick out of embarrassing WWE's finest or something.

Rey Mysterio Eddie Guerrero

Loads of wrestlers have talked about Vince McMahon's well-known philosophy: 'He wouldn't ask you to do anything he wouldn't do".

That's fair enough, and it does excuse a lot of bullsh*t that makes money, but some WWE ideas have outright humiliated the men and women working there in front of millions on live TV without drawing a penny.

These are the living definition of shocks for the sake of it.

WWE likes its wrestlers to be larger than life - being entertaining is far more important than being a technically sound worker. Personality and promos trump headlocks and hurricanranas, basically, and that will never change so long as Vince is calling the shots. The thing is, McMahon's "sports entertainment" over wrasslin' preference has produced countless amazing moments.

When it works, it works, but there are so many instances of goofy nonsense trodding all over the product and creating impossible scenarios that even the best can't work their way out of. Say hello to a world full of the desperate, flatulent, impotent, emasculated losers who believe that exploiting their obesity/sexual proclivities/marriages is a surefire way to bag pay-per-view dollars...

10. Tommy Dreamer Will Do Anything

Rey Mysterio Eddie Guerrero

Would you drink tobacco spit?

Don't answer that. Instead, fire up the WWE Network/Peacock, go back in time to 2002 and watch ex-ECW stalwart Tommy Dreamer do it. Tommy did all manner of disgusting things that summer, including supping from The Undertaker's spit cup, eating hot dogs off the floor and brushing his teeth after brushing a dog's.

With the same brush! Bah gawd - the man's a lunatic! Seriously though, such Jackass-meets-Tom Green rubbish proved one thing: WWE fans don't give a hoot about this sort of thing. It failed to get over, and only succeeded in almost flatlining Dreamer's career with the company.

For what? So they could jump on the MTV shock stunt craze and build towards... nothing? Apparently so. This crap made Tommy look like a tool, and it never had any logical sustainability. The first few weeks were lame, Dreamer was humiliated, and then WWE's writers predictably yawned and asked what was next.


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