10 WWE Christmas Moments

It's a well known fact that WWE Superstars get very little time off. As evidenced by this week's Raw, at this time of year they usually at least take the brakes off a bit and allow everyone to have a bit of fun. This week's episode featuring Bad Santa vs Good Santa wasn't the first time that WWE's shows went festive. In fact they've been doing it for decades. In this article, we take a look at 10 Christmas Moments in WWE history, both good and bad from the archives of the WWE.

10. DX-Mas 1997

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVPe5VPLCac DX kicked off Christmas 97 by coming to the ring in robes and spitting out a few double entendres aimed at Owen Hart and the Undertaker. They removed their robes to reveal special DX boxers, then went a step further and whipped those off too, mooning the crowd and telling the rest of the roster to kiss their ass. To make things easier, Chyna placed mistletoe just above those asses. In response, Sgt. Slaughter hit the ring and tried to deal with them by telling Shawn he had to defend the European Title or be stripped of it. To further hurt them, the match would be against his partner, Triple H. They teased a bit of dissension where Shawn reminded Trips that he lay down for NO ONE. Later in the show backstage cameras caught them arguing in the locker room as Chyna tried to keep the peace. When the match finally happened it turned out to be a DX Christmas Screwjob. As the bell rang, they stretched and stalled for time before finally locking up. Shawn took a bump from the lock up and acted like he couldn't get back up. Everyone groaned in realistation as Triple H pranched around, hit a big splash and pinned Michaels for the title. Post match, DX yucked it up and laughed in everyones faces. Triple H was the new European Champion and DX had it planned all along. Whether you agree with what they did to the title or not, it got people talking. It was edgy, unexpected and controversial. Which pretty much sums up DX (and WWE) at the time. 2009 era DX had their own Christmas moments, mostly shilling WWE merchandise in backstage skits though none of it was as good as this first Christmas with the Degenerates.
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