10 WWE Disasters That Saved Themselves

Snatching glory from the jaws of abject failure.


Cody Rhodes left WWE a stifled, frustrated midcard burnout in 2016.

Requesting his release when his employers refused to let go of the failed Stardust gimmick, he bet on himself, did the work, and made himself the star he never could have become in Vince McMahon's machine, and now, with All Elite Wrestling's televised debut looming, he is legitimately one of the most influential figures in the sport. His transformation over the past few years is borderline remarkable.

'The American Nightmare' is an excellent example of a performer who valued himself more than the McMahons and willed his way back to relevance. Still, it'd be a stretch to call his WWE run a "disaster." Yes, it ended poorly, and yes, he failed to fulfil his full potential, but he left with eight championship reigns to his name. That's more than 99% of pro-wrestlers will ever accomplish in the game.

Not that this should detract from the comeback story as few are truly able to rebound when a WWE run doesn't pan out as planned, and while the wrestlers within haven't all hit the same heights as Cody over the past couple of years, each arguably clawed themselves out of a darker abyss...

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