10 WWE Employees Humiliated On The Air

Cue Vince McMahon's "NYUK-NYUK-NYUK" laugh.

WWE Network

Vince McMahon loves a good wind up.

He's not the only one, in fairness. Pro wrestling in general is a traditionally jocular business that promotes sophomoric behaviour and wears it like some sort of industry-wide badge of honour. On one level, this is understandable, because wrestlers would probably be bored sh*tless if they didn't have banter behind the scenes or use it to fill their many hours spent sitting in airports, travelling in cars and waiting around.

Innocent pranking, shared laughs and juvenile humour amongst peers is one thing, but it's an entirely different prospect when the company itself starts ripping the p*ss out of employees in front of millions on television. That, as history has shown, is another McMahon tactic - the WWE chief can't get enough of humiliation (however minor), and that may never change.

Sometimes, this embarrassment is disguised as business, or explained away as deserved because of how a performer acted when they were under contract. So, roll up one and all. Welcome to the V-man's incongruous desire to poke fun at anyone he can even when it's entertaining exactly nobody other than him...


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