10 WWE Experiments Which Failed To Win Over Fans

Throwing things at walls to see what might stick...

Even before it was known as World Wrestling Entertainment, the biggest company on the wrestling landscape had to produce a lot of television. Looking back to the 1980's and 1990's reveals that the then-World Wrestling Federation has always been a machine which moves quickly. There's no real breathing space for those in charge of concocting storylines, characters and TV programs. This all adds together to create an environment in which the people working for WWE must be prolific. Ideas are needed in abundance, and they're needed in rapid fashion. Credit must be given to many of the folks involved in the creative process, because they have come up with many winning ideas over the years. As a result, they have made both individuals and the company they work for millions of dollars in revenue. There are occasions where ideas were lacking however, and therefore not everything hit the intended target. The following examples make this crystal clear, because all of them ended up accurately being dubbed as failed experiments. Often, they didn't have a truly harmful impact on the promotion, but they can still be considered times when the WWF/WWE got things wrong. Fans were not enthused by these ideas, and they ended up fading away rather than having any real lasting appeal.

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