10 WWE Feuds That Flat Out Sucked

It's not only the best feuds that live long in the memory...

In just a few weeks, Rusev and Lana will team up as part of WWE's Mixed Match Challenge to take on Elias and Bayley. Nowadays, the couple are largely kept apart on SmackDown (they're only uniting because it's an easy bracket-filler for the MMC), but their relationship is acknowledged.

That cringeworthy split WWE pushed in 2015 seems like a distant memory.

We wish. We'll never forget or forgive WWE for messing around with something that was working. Overnight, they made poor Ru-Ru look like a moron and tried to convince everyone that Summer Rae was a fitting replacement for Lana. What were they thinking? The storyline didn't even lead to good matches between Rusev and Dolph Ziggler.

The worst feuds are those that stink from the beginning. Fans can see they suck and wrestlers look like they'd rather be anywhere else, yet creative plod on like they're penning the next Austin vs. McMahon. There have been some God awful rivalries in WWE over the years, and it's time to name and shame them...


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