10 WWE Gimmicks That Seriously Took The Piss

Am I a joke to you?


There's certain smugness about the voiceover that hits just seconds before AEW EVP Cody makes his entrance.

In it, he famously crows about wrestling having more than one Royal Family, nothing that the Rhodes name belongs in the same conversation as McMahon. If it was a defiant shot at WWE when he worked on the indies following his 2016 exit from the company, it's since become a loaded missile within All Elite Wrestling.

Cody's father was the working class hero, but heroes done good have kids that don't have those struggles - he was the 'Grandson Of A Plumber' in lineage, rather than legacy. 'The American Nightmare' was born into the business and decided at some point that he too would aim higher than title belts, just as his father had when he'd been given booking power within NWA/WCW in the 1980s and 1990s.

His attempts to forge his own wrestling empire rather than his own wrestling career comes from a place of entitlement, but AEW's freshman year successes suggest he'll have provided employment opportunities in ways even his own father couldn't. Dusty had the piss ripped out of him in polka dots but he got them and himself over to an insane degree that the punchline dissolved. He - like Cody - refused to be flattened under McMahon's frippery.

This lot weren't so lucky...

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