10 WWE Legends Who Had AWFUL Pay-Per-View Debuts

Things can only get better.

Steve Austin The Ringmaster

When one thinks of the iconic career Steve Austin lived, thoughts immediately turn to beer-soaked bashes, Stunners, middle fingers and Vince McMahon p*ssing his pants. Nobody (of sound body and mind anyway) thinks, 'Gee, that Ringmaster gimmick was fabulous'. Unfortunately for Austin, that's how he got his start in WWE.

As if being treated as a flat in-ring technician who paled in comparison to hokey, cartoonish gimmicks like wrestling plumbers and garbage men wasn't bad enough, one of the most famous faces in pro wrestling history had a rough pay-per-view debut on top of that. Surprised? Don't be, because apparently legends having an awful first supercard experience is some weird tradition us lowly fans don't know about.

Until now.

Austin isn't the only one. After all, he didn't have to play second fiddle to a man dressed as a block of cheese, never had to pretend he was a schmuck who was just lucky to be there and didn't face the indignity of being ignored by a merciless crowd when he was supposed to be booed out of the building...


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