10 WWE Moments Only The Rock Could Get Away With

9. The Vicious Beating Of Mick Foley


As a snapshot of pro wrestling indulgence, it may be one of the most villainous moments in the history of the industry.

The Rock's systematic and brutal caving-in of Mick Foley's skull in their ultra-violent January 1999 'I Quit' match remains an uncomfortable experience in the final stretch, where a handcuffed Mankind is left completely unprotected as The Rock wails on him with around a dozen wicked chair shots.

As if the scene wasn't terrifying enough, Foley would later go on to reveal that the pair only agreed upon a total of five during the cuffed spot, which exhibited a rather overzealous side of 'The Great One'.

Thanks to Barry Blaustein's 1999 opus 'Beyond The Mat', the devastating impact of the over-egged assault ran deeper, as Foley's crying wife and children were exposed to his destruction as WWE and Hollywood cameras alike.

Due to the frenetic nature of the era, the match was shunted to one side within weeks, as the duo moved onto their rematches and Rock set about becoming the biggest babyface in the entire industry within five months of the heinous sequence.


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