10 WWE Moves That NEVER Win Matches

One, two - he-got-him-no-he-didn't!

It'd be easy to think there's an increased emphasis on near falls in today's wrestling product (across all companies, not just WWE), but think back to the days of an impassioned Vince McMahon on commentary in the '90s. "One, two - he-got-him-no-he-didn't", the boss would yell down his headset, desperately trying to convey danger to fans at home.

Still, it's probably true there are more big near falls per show than there were back then, and it's also true that workers power out of major moves more than ever before; wrestlers have evolved, and WWE has changed with the times to suit trends once left for Japanese classics and indy spot-fests.

That's why there are so many signature moves that rarely, if ever, actually win matches.

There are so many moves that happen weekly on TV that are supposed to pop the crowd or fool the viewer into thinking the victim couldn't possibly kick out of them. Sometimes, these moments are effective, and other times they're really not. It should tickle your funny bone to find out you've likely been tricked by some of them.

Don't be: they never work...

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