10 WWE Newcastle Live Observations From A None Wrestling Fan

Outside of the wrestling bubble, what does WWE look like?

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WWE brought their latest European tour to Newcastle, England last night (April 20), and ended up producing one of the best house shows to ever grace the Metro Radio Arena.

In particular, Triple H versus Dean Ambrose was a main event of substantial quality. The Game had jetted over from America, but showed no signs of tiredness, in a performance that was as good as their Roadblock match.

Elsewhere on the card, Chris Jericho versus AJ Styles was as good as any of their other matches, and Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn was also a lot of fun. Even The Miz versus Dolph Ziggler delivered. There was plenty of mark out moments.

But how did all of this look to a none WWE fan?

It is interesting to get outside of the wrestling bubble, and by taking my fiancée to the event, I had a window on how WWE really looks to the mainstream population.

What's important, is the fact WWE are constantly trying to appeal outside of the fandom. Wrestling fans will watch each and every week, attaining new fans from the general public is the key to the company's success.

So, how did WWE look to an outsider? Which wrestler is most impressive? And how is the product succeeding and failing with making an impression?

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