10 WWE Nightmares Vince McMahon MUST Regret Booking

Even Vince McMahon must wish these dreadful WWE moments never happened!

Vince McMahon CM Punk

Rest easy.

The 'Montreal Screwjob' isn't here. Why? Well, it's something Vince McMahon did because he thought he'd be protecting his company (including everyone in it) and stop Eric Bischoff from parading Bret Hart around on Nitro with the WWF Title. So, whilst it's likely McMahon wishes things could've been done differently, saying he regrets that 1997 incident completely would be pushing it.

Not to worry, 'cause there are other nightmares McMahon definitely would like a second stab at. He's borderline wrecked one of the most beloved gimmick matches in history, enabled his son's ego to inflate like a balloon by booking him like some wrestling machine, forced unhappy wrestlers to keep playing characters they don't want to in bizarre 'take it or leave it' power plays, and much more.

That's before one even digs into Vince's own wrestling career, and the questionable decisions made on his TV direction, or what happened to his most iconic creation. Let's just say The Undertaker's legacy wasn't rewarded for Mark Calaway's inability to "say no" to McMahon.

These nightmares must sit atop Vince's own list of WWE misgivings.

10. Referee Stoppage Inside HIAC

Vince McMahon CM Punk

Every wrestling fan gets PTSD whenever they attend concerts and bands flash red lighting all over the place. No, they don't think Kane is coming to chokeslam them - they cast minds back to Hell In A Cell 2019 when Vince McMahon smashed any remaining credibility his annual pay-per-view series had left.

People watched in horror as the referee stopped a Cell match between Seth Rollins and The 'Fiend'. His reason? Bray Wyatt was buried beneath some furniture, and Seth was belting him with a sledgehammer. Inside Hell In A Cell, which is...supposed to be some ultra-violent place to settle the score.

What was McMahon thinking here? Did he believe fans would stomach this stoppage when they'd witnessed greater atrocities inside and outside of HIAC? It was a quite terrible decision, and one that probably lived rent free in the boss man's head for a while.

It's taken a while to restore HIAC to some semblance of respectability.


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