10 WWE NXT Wrestlers Who Should Go To Raw Or SmackDown Next

Who's getting the next call-up?

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If there's one thing that wrestling fans love to do, it's speculate. We love to assume wrestlers have backstage heat when they lose, we love to assume that certain wrestlers are jumping ship to AEW when their contracts run out, but - perhaps more often than all of that - we love to assume that we know who the next person to be called up from NXT to RAW or SmackDown will be.

Although NXT has been treated more like an equivalent to RAW and SmackDown lately, it got its start as WWE's developmental territory. As a result, we're conditioned to believe that every NXT superstar will eventually ascend to the "main roster" when the time is right, even though this may not be the case.

Nevertheless, once it was announced that Matt Riddle would be joining the SmackDown roster, one of the immediate questions among fans was "who's next?"

And to be fair, it's usually fairly easy to determine who is next based upon current booking. For example, if the NXT Champion loses their title, they're most likely leaving NXT. Of course, this isn't the only justification for assuming somebody's on their way up - in some cases, there's just nothing left for them to do at Full Sail.

Based on these factors (and a few others), these 10 superstars seem like they could be called up in the near future. Let's just hope they're handled better on the main roster than some other NXT talents have been...


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