10 WWE Opponents That Shawn Michaels Refused To Do Business With

Because even finding God can't eradicate the memories of Shawn being Shawn.

Before his first retirement in 1998, Shawn Michaels was renowned for his antics, tantrums, and being hesitant to work with any talents that he deemed below him. And by hesitant, I mean that he flat out refused to lose to, or even work with, particular performers. There are so many examples of €˜Shawn being Shawn€™ over the years, and many victims of his ego hold a grudge against HBK to this day. Of course, Michaels found God and seemingly that made all of his previous d*ckish behaviour perfectly acceptable, right? Regardless, the religious redemption of Shawn Michaels, not to mention his status as one of the very best to ever lace up a pair of boots, cannot hide the times when HBK refused to do business or irked someone so much that they refused to do work with him. After all, at one point in time the mantra was "The Heartbreak Kid lays down for absolutely nobody!"

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