10 WWE Premonitions That Came True

When WWE stars like MVP, Triple H, Roman Reigns and more predicted the future.

MVP Drew McIntyre

Anyone who has watched enough of WWE's weekly product can make educated guesses on where it's going next. The company love a good swerve, for example, so it's usually easy to spot when one is coming. Similarly, WWE's long fascination with 'telegraph booking' (the not-so-subtle art of making eventual losers look strong on the final TV before pay-per-views) continues into 2021. It's a fixture of television.

This list isn't about fans playing Nostradamus though - it's all about the wrestlers themselves.

Almost all of these examples were never part of some deliberate, far-reaching scheme to set up follow-up feuds later on. Most likely failed to draw much attention at all, at least until now. Looking back, they're fascinating glimpses into how premonitions can seem so clever (or stupid) when plans change.

Here, workers laid bare future loyalties, treacheries, character tweaks, rivalries and more with their comments/actions. There's even a nod towards WWE's video game realm, and a classic example of why Triple H should never take the p*ss out of grumbling fans ever again.

Ready to start predicting the future of pro wrestling? These guys were...

10. CM Punk Says He’ll Walk Out On WWE

MVP Drew McIntyre

CM Punk went on a tear immediately after his iconic "Pipe Bomb" promo in June 2011. From then on, fans were gripped by his rebellious spirit and loudly rooted for the fed up 'Voice Of The Voiceless' whenever he appeared on screen. Buoyed by the support, Punk's words only got stronger and more provocative.

Live on the 11 July 2011 Raw, Punk and Vince McMahon worked a sit-down skit that thrashed out a new contract for the unruly star. There, Punk made several demands of the boss and threatened to walk out on WWE completely if he didn't get them. Hell, Punk fancied leaving the company anyway after beating John Cena at MITB.

Less than three years later, Punk's fiery comments came true. Knackered and disillusioned by WWE life, he walked into McMahon's office 24 hours after the 2014 Royal Rumble and told both he and Triple H that he was going home.

In short, he predicted his own future.


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