10 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (June 3)

Brand splits, MITB and Goldberg...

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Good God Almighty were entering an earth-shattering period in WWE history aren't we?

Last Wednesday's brand extension announcement has left more questions that it has solved problems for the state of WWE at the moment.

Who will be running RAW? Who will be running SmackDown? Will we have two champions again? WILL WWE MAKE THE MISTAKE OF SPLITTING UP THE NEW DAY LIKE THEY DID WITH THE DUDLEY BOYZ BACK IN THE DAY? So many questions, not too much time for WWE to provide the answers.

The next few weeks promise to be as intriguing as WWE has been for a long old time as the direction the company is revealed piece by piece. All we can do now is sit back and hope they get the majoirty of the huge calls right.

Although, it must be said that I'd like to see some sort of storyline bring the new brand extension era in, rather than it happening just because it's happening. And we all know that WWE thrive off building storylines in as little time as possible...

The other main issues within the WWE Universe surround the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV, and naturally, Roman Reigns.

You submitted your questions using #AskKing on Twitter, so here I am to answer the 10 I deemed most worthy of my time...

10. Who Do You Think Will Run RAW And SmackDown?

goldberg wwe

Thanks to @xBENSAYERx for this one.

It certainly looks like Shane McMahon and his sister Stephanie will have one brand each by the time July 19 rolls around.

For me, and this might not be the most popular opinion within the WWE Universe, SmackDown NEEDS Stephanie McMahon - and Triple H if he's going to be coming back any time soon...

WWE are reportedly looking to raise SmackDown onto a level playing field with RAW. What's the best way they immediately heighten the prestige of the bewildered brand? Have one of the principal owners take the reigns as the on air authority figure.

Everyone's expecting her to get RAW - the flagship show remember - right? She's the Billion Dollar Princess...

Of course I can see the argument for the new era's figure head Shane bringing a fresh and cutting edge look to Tuesday nights, but I believe appointing Steph GM makes a far bolder statement.

And Shane has proved he can deal with 'running' Monday Night RAW.

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