10 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (Nov 21)

Is Sasha Banks on the cusp of becoming the 'female Daniel Bryan?'.

It was another interesting week for WWE, as the company prepares for Survivor Series on Sunday night. In the final Raw before the event, WWE chose to headline the show with a controversial divas segment that has divided opinion and created debate. There's also the WWE Title situation, which is the most intriguing aspect of Survivor Series. The final four men in the WWE Title tournament are Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. By the end of Sunday night, one of those four men (or Money in the Bank holder Sheamus) is going to leave the show as the WWE Champion as fans try to figure out what direction WWE are heading in as the Royal Rumble approaches and WrestleMania looms on the horizon. In terms of the WWE Title tourney, my feeling is they will go with the original plan of putting the gold on Reigns, who will beat his buddy Ambrose in the final. If they turn somebody heel it would be Ambrose, but I'm not sure if the roster has enough depth to do it right now with John Cena out for another month and Randy Orton on the shelf for around six months. Anything is possible and I think WWE should consider really shaking things up...I just don't see it happening on Sunday. With all this going on, it's about time for another Q&A session as WWE fans have a lot on their mind. The questions were asked to me on Twitter @johnreport and they cover everything from the divas angle to end Raw, Eva Marie's role in NXT and if part-timers should be World Champions. Let's get to it.

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