10 WWE Rejects Immediately Pushed By TNA Impact Wrestling


Impact Wrestling

The recent return of former WWE, WCW and TNA star Scott Steiner to Impact Wrestling put fans of the product in the mind of the mid-2000s 'boom' period for the Orlando outfit.

Whilst hardly a success in any of the traditional wrestling business metrics, the company had at least gained enough foothold through continued presence on television during those heady days to be perceived as the Number Two promotion in North America, but the small-time nature of their WWE cast-off fawning ensured that's exactly where they were destined to stay.

Constantly looking for an empty twist to send fans into a tizzy online, TNA would often herald the arrival of a former WWE performer above virtually everything else happening on the show. Commentator Don West had on-air palpitations for the appearance of a rebuffed wrestler so often, it's remarkable he's still alive and well enough to remain with the company flogging the discounted t-shirts.

Very occasionally, the shock and awe was justified. Christian's decision to sample pastures new was a huge get for TNA, and Kurt Angle's arrival was a blockbuster move that initially shot mainstream perception of the company through the roof.

Sadly, not everybody can be an Olympic Gold Medalist or Attitude Era icon. And whilst the company dragged in the likes of Val Venis, Rikishi and the Road Dogg long after their WWE shine had dimmed, some Connecticut refugees were airlifted into topline spots hot off the chopping block.


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