10 WWE Royal Rumble Entrants NOBODY Wanted

9. Tom Brandi (1998)

WWE Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio
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Speaking of unwanted invaders.

Who could ever forget the barmy sight of Mick Foley and Terry Funk (as Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie respectively) battling with steel chairs and chainsaws to kick off the '98 Rumble? Funk's weapon of choice was removed, then they played a game of 'can you top this?' by blasting one another with the chair.

Fans were right into it when the first countdown started. Then, poor Tom Brandi sprinted out to absolute silence. The ex-Salvatore Sincere was not the right man for this spot, but he was only there so the Cactus/Chainsaw combo could eliminate him before returning to their ultra-violent fun and games.

One can almost hear air being sucked out of the arena when looking back on this moment via WWE Network today. The fact The Rock was next out at #4 baffled folks further; why didn't he get the #3 slot, then Brandi could've made up the numbers later on?


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