10 WWE Star Making Moments That Changed Nothing

Don't you just love it when WWE produce a new star?! They're reeeeeally good at it, you know...

You'd think that making stars for the future would rank pretty highly on Vince McMahon's list of things to-do in order to keep his darling WWE afloat. After all, the likes of Brock Lesnar and even AJ Styles are fast heading towards the end of their runs at the top, so the next generation need to be primed and ready to fill those spots.

Yet, time and time again, WWE have showcased a complete lack of vision in terms of setting up talents to become the next big thing, and we now face a future where superstars in the vein of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Rock seem increasingly less likely to break out of such an ill-managed system.

It's not like they haven't had ample chances to create the stars of tomorrow, either!

Throughout the history of the company, high-level performers have produced moments which suggested they were next in line to take WWE by storm, only to have this momentum scuppered due to nonsensical booking or a loss of interest in said performer.

You always hope for the best when a new star is thrown into the spotlight, yet often these exciting breakouts are fleeting and the dreary status quo is quickly re-established.

Here's a reminder of just a few of those frustrating instances...

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