10 WWE Stars Who Have Gone Backwards In 2020

If things don't improve, we Riott...

Punch terms like, "not moving forwards quote" and, "if you're not going forwards" into Google and you'll be smacked around the eyeballs with an endless amount of inspirational phrases about always pushing on. One of them stands out in this instance: "Even if you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forwards".

Try telling that to some of these WWE stars.

Their stock has taken a nose dive in 2020, and things do not look too promising for next year either. Also, they haven't so much as fallen flat on their faces as backwards onto their asses, and that stinks in a handful of cases. It'd be so easy to lay 100% of the blame at the door or WWE creative too, but that'd be false.

Talent themselves must take some responsibility for the crappy year they've had thus far. So, what's going on? Why have these obviously-skilled performers back-pedalled spectacularly? Is it as easy as bemoaning that Vince McMahon doesn't have his finger on the pulse anymore, or are there serious flaws to each individual's work that need addressed?

Time to look at how things all went wrong...

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