10 WWE Stars Who Have Suffered The Most Since WrestleMania 30

From WWE champion to IC contender.

Whether you€™re ready for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar or not, WrestleMania 31 is almost here! The past year has been an interesting one for WWE's roster. WrestleMania 30 headliner Daniel Bryan lost eight months of his career to an injury, and Reigns emerged as the heir apparent to John Cena. But if you look at every wrestler in WWE right now, you€™ll see that a lot of them aren't as valuable to the company as they were at last year€™s show. Sure, a few careers have been boosted. While some fans seem to have soured on Reigns, there€™s no doubt he€™s in a better position in Vince McMahon€™s eyes than last year. On a smaller scale, Tyson Kidd is having the most relevant run of his career right now, Curtis Axel is getting a little something, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury emerged out of nowhere to become entertaining TV characters, and Seth Rollins is arguably the MVP of the entire company. Some progress has been made. Others have not fared so well. This list ranks wrestlers whose careers have hit a roadblock. These are men and women who are still on the roster, so the heroes of last year€™s Andre the Giant battle royal who are no longer employed with WWE (Yoshi Tatsu, Brodus Clay, the Great Khali and others) are not listed. These wrestlers are ranked in terms of their on-air pushes and standing with the company, as well as their placement on this year€™s Mania card compared to last year€™s. So let€™s take a look at who€™s fallen the furthest, and check out the top 10 wrestlers who have suffered the most since Wrestlemania 30.

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