10 WWE Stars Who Were TRULY Buried

Journey to the centre of the earth.

Christ, is there a more irritating debate in the entire wrestling discourse than the word "buried"?

Appropriately enough, the take never ages well: it rots. Many thought WWE buried Dolph Ziggler by demoting him from the World Heavyweight Title picture in 2013. This caused hysteria, but the subsequent years have legitimised the decision: Ziggler was a firecracker of a worker, by the standards of a time surpassed now by orders of magnitude. Ultimately, he was an upper midcard-level talent whose fetish for bumping proved fatalistic. He got too good at doing jobs, to paraphrase a lesson imparted by Terry Funk, and he never showed enough on the mic to distinguish himself.

EC3 has received piss-poor treatment in 2019 - but you can't botch that disastrously, on Main Event, and escape blame. Several online fans bemoan the treatment of perennial title match loser Samoa Joe - but this protest isn't echoed in arenas. He isn't the same force was he in the 2000s - his performances are often sluggish - and WWE makes best use of his formidable promo game to promote inessential B-level pay-per-views. Terribly, but you get the idea.

This list is reserved for those WWE truly didn't value, whether through cruelty or ineptitude or both.

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