10 WWE Storylines From 2015 That Will Never Be Resolved

Wait... so who exactly did attack Natalya on SmackDown?

Who would be a member of WWE's creative teams? Being one of those heavily slated men and women is a thankless task. There's no doubt about it. These bright minds will have earmarked themselves as the next Vince McMahon and set out on the long and arduous journey to make it to the big leagues of WWE. They have to be talented individuals to make it to the promised land, surely? Wrong. Seemingly nothing those creative minds do today is 'right' in the eyes of a large majority of WWE's Universe, while they're all pigeonholed as 'non-rasslin' television folk who don't know a wristlock from a wristwatch. I'm sure they're all lovely people really... We should all cut them some slack - and see Adam from WhatCulture.com join them, right? They're dealing with the monstrous machine that is WWE. A machine that never stands still and waits for no man. In reality, WWE's creative teams are mechanics; blind ones at that. They have to take a used up cog and replace it with a new one so the machine keeps rolling on. However, they can't see what's coming round the corner so have to come up with several possibilities to cover all bases. With that being said, here are 10 instances from the last 12 months where one circumstance or another has forced the WWE's creative teams to abandon ship and end a storyline without resolving it. For better, or worse...

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