10 WWE Storylines That Turned Into Real Life Shoots

The times when WWE fiction turned into real life!

Copyright: WWE Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come Blu-rayCopyright: WWE Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come Blu-rayWhat you watch on WWE television is entirely fictional, yet in some cases fiction has been known to turn into reality! The creative team who write the show have an uncanny knack for scripting what is destined to become the real world future. We have seen this almost psychic ability present itself in storylines ranging from the 80's, 90's and 2000's eras. We have had on screen romances which turned into legitimate affairs, scripted feuds that turned into real backstage punch ups, even fictional deaths which foreshadowed imminent tragedies! Part of the reason why WWE creative are maybe prone to writing what turns out to be real is because that's the whole point - WWE is meant to be realistic. Indeed, right now we are supposedly in the midst of 'the reality era', storylines shouldn't be too far removed from what is actually true. We have seen this in example with Daniel Bryan, he was scripted to be an underdog, but in 'real life' he legitimately was an underdog. If we can connect and relate to the real person, chances are they're going to get over. In contrast if something is fake and phoney, we are probably going to disregard it. Historically though, WWE has always been about 'over the top' characterisations. It is pretty crazy to think some of their far fetched stories actually came true! That's WWE for you, always shocking you, both on screen and off. Make-believe really can come true in the fantasy world of professional wrestling, here's 10 storylines that eventually ended up being full on shoots!
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