10 WWE Superstars Who Could Take The Universal Title Off Brock Lesnar

9. Randy Orton

Randy Orton is not the most exciting choice to beat Brock and become Universal Champion. For a start it would probably necessitate a face turn in order to build to the match Nobody wants to see that - not when ‘The Viper’ is so much better at playing the awful, awful man we suspect he really is.

Nor would the title fight itself be high on many people’s list of dream matches. Randy’s default setting is, “methodical,” and he doesn’t seem the type to inspire much effort from Brock either.

In recent years, ‘The Beast’ has been at his best against smaller, agile workers. Orton doesn’t really fit that mould.

Then again, ‘The Viper’ has the storyline motivation to go after Lesnar. He’d be trying to gain some retribution for the 2016 SummerSlam loss that saw ‘The Beast’ make Orton bleed the hard way.

Also, he is a safe pair of hands and would make a credible stop-gap champion. Plus there’s his not so secret weapon.

The RKO is probably the most protected finisher in the entire company. He can seemingly hit it from any angle at any time. Could it be enough to catch ‘The Beast’ off guard?

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