10 WWE Superstars Who Gambled On A New Look

Slick it back just like Dad-uh!


Who is due for an image update in WWE right now?

Roman Reigns still looks like that man from the Shield in 2012, and his riot gear remains inextricably linked to the over-pushed office pet project stigma. A change in attire might go some way towards symbolising that he is now a favourite among crowds. Cesaro continues to wrestle in his joggers, and it continues to look like a desperate, transparent attempt to do "something" with him. It looks, simply, weird. Lacey Evans' entire look suggests a retro-inspired superiority, which is undermining her face turn somewhat.

Shorty G should probably lose the, sigh, f*cking basketball costume if WWE wants anybody to take him seriously. He isn't headlining WrestleMania wearing that. He wasn't headlining WrestleMania, regardless, but he didn't look like a complete dweeb.

Humberto Carillo isn't stale - he's been around only a few short months - but his Power Rangers get-up does look very silly, particularly since he doesn't go go anywhere beyond a series of losses to AJ Styles. On the subject of the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles needs a haircut. He just does.

Stale, however, is often better than hilarious; precedent yields very mixed results, for a gamble is just that...

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