10 WWE Superstars Who Have Been Hurt The Most By The Wild Card Rule

The Wild Card Rule has been much more of a hindrance than a help for most of the WWE roster so far.


You won't find many WWE fans who actually believe that the Wild Card Rule has been a positive since its institution in May. It was pretty apparent from get-go that there weren't any benefits to the Brand Split basically being called off, and sure enough, it merely led to Raw and SmackDown Live getting more watered down than they already were.

Originally, the rule (introduced by Mr. McMahon itself) allowed for three roster members from each show to appear on the opposite brand any given week. The number was quickly upped to four and was rarely acknowledged thereafter. Of course, WWE was never consistent with the rule, thus leading to several Superstars getting overexposed and many more receiving significantly less television time than they were before.

Thankfully, the Wild Card Rule will meet its demise come the WWE Draft in a few weeks, but the damage has been done. It will take time for most of the following wrestlers to get back on track and regain the momentum they lost, the same way it will take time for fans to take the Brand Split seriously again.

Raw and SmackDown have seen a slight increase in quality over the past two months or so, no thanks to the Wild Card Rule. Here's hoping these 10 talents can find their footing again once the nonsensical gimmick is mercifully put to rest.


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